Techniques for Using Gimbals with Mirrorless Cameras

Techniques for Using Gimbals with Mirrorless Cameras

The use of the electronic gimbal with a camera, especially with mirrorless cameras, has revolutionized the way to produce high-quality videos. This article explores various techniques to make the best use of this technology.

Stabilization and Smooth Movements

The main advantage of a gimbal is its ability to stabilize the camera. This is particularly useful during moving shots, such as walking or running, where the gimbal compensates for unwanted movements, ensuring a smooth and professional capture.

Creative Framing

  1. Panning and Tilting: A fundamental technique in using the gimbal is panning (horizontal movement) and tilting (vertical movement). These movements can be combined to follow a subject or to explore an environment.
  2. Follow-Through Sequences: An advanced technique is the follow-through, where the cameraman follows a moving subject, maintaining a constant distance. This creates a cinematic effect, particularly useful in action scenes or nature documentaries.
  3. Low-Angle and High-Angle Shots: Using the gimbal for low or high-angle shots offers unique perspectives. For example, a low-angle shot can give a sense of grandeur and power to a subject, while a high-angle can provide an overview.

Walking Techniques

Per ottenere riprese stabili, è essenziale padroneggiare la tecnica di camminata con il gimbal. La “camminata da ninja”, dove si cammina con le ginocchia leggermente piegate e si fa attenzione a piantare delicatamente i piedi, aiuta a ridurre ulteriormente le vibrazioni.

Transitions and Special Effects

The creative use of the gimbal allows you to create transitions and special effects directly during shooting, rather than in post-production. For example, a quick rotation of the gimbal can be used to switch between scenes.

Use with Different Types of Cameras

Modern gimbals are compatible with a wide range of mirrorless cameras. It is important to properly balance the camera on the gimbal to ensure maximum efficiency. Some gimbal models also offer additional features such as focus and exposure control via the associated mobile application.


Using the gimbal with mirrorless cameras opens up a world of creative possibilities in video making. The key to achieving amazing results is practice and experimentation with different techniques and movements.