5 Royalty-Free videos in slow motion

5 Royalty-Free videos in slow motion

Welcome to the fascinating world of details captured in macro and slow motion!

With our collection of five videos, you’ll immerse yourself in breathtaking scenes that capture the beauty and elegance of small gestures and precious moments of everyday life.

Each video offers a unique and extraordinary perspective on common objects, allowing you to fully appreciate their magnificence and delicacy.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for creative projects or engaging content for commercial purposes, our selection will amaze and excite you.

1. Coin Toss in Slow Motion

A hand throws a coin into the air. A breathtaking toss of a metal coin, captured in macro as it’s thrown gracefully and precisely into the air. Every detail of the movement is emphasized by the slow motion, creating an extraordinary visual experience.

Slow Motion Coin Toss

2. Poodle Runs in Slow Motion on Snow

An enchanting video showing a black poodle running gracefully on the snow, with fluid and agile movements. The scene is captured in slow motion, allowing us to appreciate every step of the dog as it joyfully moves through the winter landscape.

Poodle runs in slow motion on the snow

3. Bowl of Milk with Strawberries and Blueberries

A delightful composition, where a bowl of milk is beautifully adorned with strawberries and blueberries, placed on a table. The plant next to the bowl adds a touch of freshness and nature to the scene, creating a captivating and inviting image.

A bowl of milk adorned with strawberries and blueberries on a table

4. Juicy Clementines

A fascinating video capturing succulent clementines falling slowly onto a wet table, surrounded by other clementines. Each slice of fruit falls with grace and delicacy, creating an atmosphere of freshness and flavor. This video is available copyright-free.

Tasty Clementines

5. Elegant Falling Bean Seeds

A suggestive image showing bean seeds falling gently from hands, creating an elegant and fascinating fall onto the table. Shot from a macro perspective, every detail of the movement is highlighted, offering a charming and unique visual spectacle

Elegant Falling Bean Seeds

Each video in our collection offers an extraordinary and engaging look at common details, expertly captured in macro and slow motion.

Whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration or a professional in search of compelling content, these videos will offer you a unique and unforgettable visual experience.

Purchase our collection now to add a touch of charm and magic to your projects!