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  • Both hands throwing up pile of Euro coins over green table

  • Cargo ship carries freight containers in sea at sunset

  • Coins in Ascension: A Slow-Motion Spectacle of Studio-Lit Brilliance

  • Fresh fish covered with ice

  • Fresh red fish in container with ice

  • Hands throwing up handful of steel coins above table surface

  • Ice is poured into the fish in the containers

  • One euro coin on a black background

  • Person throwing away handful of coins onto table surface

  • Person throwing up and catching steel coin over green table

  • Shiny one euro coin with ribbed side on green background

  • The Italian 1 Euro Coin: A Symbol of Stability and Culture

  • Throwing away pile of crumbling coins on green table surface

  • Two euro coin rotates on white background

  • Wild beach and cargo ships carrying freight containers