Stoplight - Video Footages

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  • Bright lights glow on vintage semaphore on black background

  • Changing colors on screen of traffic light isolated on blue

  • Changing traffic light with small screen against cloudy sky

  • Colors change on digital traffic light on blue background

  • Digital Traffic Signals with Changing Directional Arrows on Turquoise Background

  • Flashing Traffic Signals in a City Street

  • Group of different traffic lights on chomakey background

  • Lamp of classic semaphore changes signals on chomakey

  • Lamps glow on vintage traffic light on black background

  • One lamp semaphore with changing colors against cloudy sky

  • Patterns of semaphores group with flashing color signals

  • Road sign with semaphore lamps on green chomakey background

  • Semaphore with different direction arrows on chromakey

  • Set of semaphore lamps changing signals colors on chomakey

  • Traditional semaphore changes signal colors on chomakey

  • Traffic light with changing color lamps against cloudy sky

  • Vintage single lamp semaphore isolated on green chomakey