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  • Historical monument against vintage buildings and cathedrals

  • Altar of Fatherland and national flags waving in wind

  • Arch of Peace with statues on top built in park of Milan

  • Cars and buses drive on road against Altar of Fatherland

  • Famous Fountain of Four Rivers statue with illuminated water

  • Harmony of Iconic Architectures: Turin in One Frame

  • High trees grow against Altar of Fatherland in antique Rome

  • Icons of Turin: Symphony of Monumental Architectures

  • National flag waves against Altar of Fatherland in Rome

  • Pompous Altar of Fatherland with statues on rooftops

  • Seagulls fly in front of the bell tower

  • Statue of the Archangel Gabriel on the bell tower of San Marco

  • The angel above the bell tower of San Marco

  • Trevi Fountain and ancient architecture in center of Rome

  • Trevi Fountain with white statues built in center of Rome

  • Trieste City Hall on main square of historical town

  • Turin: The City of Wonders and History