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  • Woman walks on footbridge over gorge among yellowed trees

  • Lady tourist in hat walks on suspension bridge over gorge

  • Cars drive on bridge over river against rocky mountains

  • Heavy traffic on bridge built across blue river in Trento

  • Long bridge with mesh fencing built near lake Garda in Italy

  • Multicolored grapevines spread branches on wires in autumn

  • Old wooden footbridge built over pond grown with dry reed

  • Rows of grapevines grow on vineyard in countryside in autumn

  • Suspension bridge surrounded by yellowed trees near lake

  • Suspension Bridges: Where Adventure and Beauty Soar in the Tibetan Skies

  • Woman enjoys walking on bridge over yellowed trees in park

  • Woman looks at Lake Garda standing on footbridge over park

  • Woman runs on bridge over lush trees holding on to black hat

  • Woman walks on suspension bridge against lush yellowed trees

  • Woman walks on wooden footbridge in sunny autumn weather

  • Young woman walks on footbridge over yellowed trees in park