Wrinkle - Video Footages

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  • Brown-eyed woman with bright eye makeup blinks macro

  • Brown-eyed woman with bright eye makeup looks past camera

  • Elderly woman traveler smiles enjoying view of Chioggia

  • Grey-haired old woman against city lights near Venice lagoon

  • Hand throwing up and catching paper ball over green surface

  • Hazel-eyed woman with eye makeup lies looking upwards

  • Motion through crumpled paper sheets in light studio

  • Motion to white crumpled paper as creative crisis symbol

  • Old grey haired woman with wrinkled face in jacket looks into camera smiling standing on promenade in Chioggia with wind fluttering hair

  • Old woman smiles standing against cityscape near lagoon

  • Senior lady traveler smiles happily enjoying Chioggia view

  • Sheet of white crumpled paper on black table in dark studio