Windbreaker - Video Footages

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  • Old woman smiles happily under wind standing on sea beach

  • Elderly woman on the beach at the sea

  • Elderly woman stands on sea beach against waves at sunset

  • Elderly woman stands on wet sand beach enjoying weather

  • Grey haired lady traveler enjoys waves view from beach

  • Grey haired woman enjoys picturesque sea view from coast

  • Old grey haired woman traveler with wrinkled face wearing windbreaker looks into camera smiling standing on sea coast in Chioggia closeup

  • Old woman looks at the blue sea

  • Old woman with hair waved by wind enjoys sea view on coast

  • Senior grey haired woman with short haircut in windbreaker enjoys weather standing on coastal beach edge against sea closeup

  • Senior woman traveler with short grey haircut in windbreaker enjoys azure sea view standing on beach in Chioggia extreme closeup

  • Woman looks at rolling sea waves standing on wet beach

  • Woman looks into camera standing on coast in Chioggia