Wilderness - Video Footages

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  • Lush branches covered with red wild berries and green leaves

  • Boundless hill slope covered with green thicket vegetation

  • Hand of young woman touches dry reed walking near lake

  • Ivy lush twisted green and yellow autumn leaves grow on wall

  • Long wooden footbridge stretches over pond with dry reed

  • Lush branch with red berries on blurred background macro

  • Lush branches with wild red berries growing near Bled lake

  • Lush bright green climber leaves at sunlight closeup

  • Lush bush with branches full of red berries and leaves

  • Lush green plants grow on top of ancient ruined building

  • Old wooden footbridge built over pond grown with dry reed

  • Suspension bridge surrounded by yellowed trees near lake

  • Twisted green plants spread on large ruined ancient rocks

  • Twisted green plants spread on ruined ancient wall rocks