White dress - Video Footages

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  • Lake Como is observed from above by a woman

  • Man dressed in white on rocks in the wind

  • Man in white blowing in the wind looks into the room smiling

  • Man in white opens his arms to the wind

  • Man in white suit walks at the seaside

  • Man in white walks funny

  • Man standing in the wind in white suit

  • Man with long hair walks on the beach

  • Panorama loop between mountains observed by a woman dressed in white

  • Timelapse hiking in the woods

  • Walking Barefoot in Nature: A Deep Connection with the Earth and Body Wellness

  • Woman climbs the dirt road in the mountains with stick in hand

  • Woman in white walks in the woods with stick in hand

  • Woman looks at Lake Como from the mountains. Loops

  • Woman picks flowers in front of mountains landscape

  • Woman standing in front of green mountain landscape

  • Woman walks in a relaxing way on the mountains and lakes

  • Young woman collects flowers among green grass