Weathered - Video Footages

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  • Famous local architectural landmark with designed wall

  • Historical landmark of old weathered city pavement slabs

  • Landmark with massive gray rock formations with scratches

  • Landmark with massive weathered stones casting shadows

  • Local landmark with historical weathered pavement slabs

  • Local landmark with weathered paved road in old district

  • Metal shutter door on gray wall with decorative facade

  • Motion over weathered concrete staircase with wide steps

  • Old weathered wall with orange terracotta and grey bricks

  • Outdated fire hydrant with red rusty top and greyish support

  • Vintage fire hydrant of red colour with rusty valve by wall

  • Weathered bicycle with old pedals by asphalt sidewalk

  • Weathered metal garage shutters with green and red paint

  • Weathered rusty old chain over blurry pebble garden pathway

  • White decorative pebble pile in weathered wooden box