Warehouse - Video Footages

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  • Boundless vegetable greenhouses under thick plastic foil

  • Abandoned warehouse on green field with film and containers

  • Containers with delicious fresh mullet fish stand on pallet

  • Containers with white mullets in ice cubes in warehouse

  • Crabs of newly caught raw crabs

  • Fresh fish covered with ice

  • Fresh fish in the container with ice

  • Fresh red fish in container with ice

  • Group of delicious raw crabs in food market warehouse

  • Ice is poured into the fish in the containers

  • Ice is poured over fish in the containers

  • Ice is put over fresh mullets

  • Impressive view of old town and sea behind green pine tree

  • Motion above bags packed with fresh raw fasolari molluscs

  • Motion To Expensive Alive Royal Shrimps In White Container

  • Royal Shrimps live in the container

  • Royal shrimps with ice crumbles lie in white container

  • Shrimps just live