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  • Baker cooks dessert smearing cream in biscuit using spatula

  • Baker decorates light squared biscuit using forceps

  • Baker decorates squared biscuit putting fig slices on top

  • Biscuit decorated with fig slices standing on grey surface

  • Biscuit with caramel sauce inside decorating with piping bag

  • Biscuit with fig slices flowers and colorful leaves on top

  • Biscuit with fig slices leaves and caramel sauce on top

  • Light brown squared biscuit decorated with fig slices

  • Person cuts juicy fig along half and halves into slices

  • Person cuts tasty fresh fig on yellow cutting board

  • Person decorates biscuit with cream using piping bag

  • Person fills biscuit with caramel drawing with piping bag

  • Person holds piping bag and fills biscuit with caramel sauce

  • Squared biscuit decorated with juicy fig slices and flowers

  • Tasty biscuit with fig slices flowers and yellow elements