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  • Impressive view of ancient town near sea and mountains

  • Christmas tree plant

  • Embossed bark of pine tree trunk with thin branches in park

  • Green branches of the pine tree

  • Green needles of spruce at bright sunlight under blue sky

  • Ground road leading to forest past sawmill pine log stacks

  • Huge piles of pine logs lie in industrial sawmill yard

  • Huge pine log stacks in sawmill yard at forest on sunny day

  • Huge stack of logs on meadow near sawmill on sunny day

  • Impressive view of old town and sea behind green pine tree

  • Panorama of old town opens behind lush green pine tree

  • Piles of long wooden logs stacked unevenly at sawmill

  • Pine logs stacked on sawmill ground yard near forest belt

  • Pine tree with thin branches and high thick trunk in park

  • Stacked pine logs with peeled bark on sawmill yard closeup

  • Wet maple leaves lie near puddle reflecting city and sky