paint - Video Footages

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  • Bright pink building with unusual window in Ljubljana

  • Brightly painted red bench stands in city park in Burano

  • Finish line drawn on the asphalt

  • Fixer is applied to the woman’s hair

  • Foil behind the hair and white paint

  • Green marker is launched in slow motion

  • Hair on aluminum foil is covered with paint

  • Hairdresser applies white matter with the brush on the woman’s hair

  • Long stepladder lies on ground near house wall in shadow

  • Old stepladder lies on ground leaned on building wall

  • Pedestrian crossing on the brick road

  • Stone cobble carriageway with white and yellow stripes

  • The brush covers the woman’s hair with paint

  • The hairdresser applies a white substance to the woman’s hair

  • Weathered metal garage shutters with green and red paint

  • White paint is spread by the hairdresser on the woman’s hair

  • White professional substance is applied on woman’s hair by hairdresser