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  • Birch tree trunk covered with moss and green leaves in park

  • Broad roots strong trunk and green crown of chestnut tree

  • Brown woodpile with large cut logs lies in house yard

  • Chestnut trees grow nearby on meadow in park on sunny day

  • Embossed bark of tree with long branches under blue sky

  • Fence from rocks overgrown with moss and grass in park

  • Forked branches and moss-covered trunk of birch tree

  • Forked branches and trunk of birch tree growing in park

  • High birch tree trunk covered with moss under blue sky

  • Large brown dry wood logs lie in pile with green leaves

  • Moss-covered bark of old chestnut tree in national park

  • Parts of old wooden fence drowned underwater in Bled lake

  • Stacked stones with moss and branches form fence in park

  • Sun rays break through leaves of growing chestnut tree

  • Thin tree trunk covered with green moss grows on sidewalk