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  • Street lantern against high tower at Saint Mark Square

  • Airplane flies between buildings against blue sky in city

  • Ancient street lamp on Saint Mark Square against cathedral

  • Bike path along asphalt highway with markings in Ljubljana

  • Empty Saint Mark Square with bright lanterns at night

  • Lady pedestrian in brown boots crosses street at crosswalk

  • Motion over disabled sign tiled with stones on pavement

  • Panoramic view of illuminated Saint Mark Square at night

  • Panoramic view of spacious empty Saint Mark Square at night

  • Parallel tram line rails on wide asphalt road in city

  • Rapid positive antigen test coronavirus

  • Speed limit sign against bicycle parking lot in downtown

  • Transition of the square of San Marco in Venice with crowds of tourists and empty without people

  • White crosswalk tiled with large white stones on paved road

  • Woman crosses street at crosswalk against passing bicyclist

  • Woman in boots crosses road at wide pedestrian crossing