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  • A bumblebee climbs the flower of the plant

  • A bumblebee eats the nectar and pollen from the white flower of a fruit tree

  • A bumblebee feeds on the nectar and pollen of the white flower on the tree

  • Bumblebee cleans itself on the flower of the tree

  • Bumblebee on the flowers of a tree in spring

  • Bumblebee sitting on the white flower of the tree in autumn

  • Elderly man teaches blonde granddaughter to collect grains

  • Girl with grandpa plucks spikelets to collect wheat grains

  • Grandpa and granddaughter collect grains out of spikelets

  • Grandpa helps blonde granddaughter to collect wheat grains

  • Senior man and girl collect grains from wheat spikelets

  • Senior man and little girl enjoy collecting wheat grains

  • Young woman collects bouquet from ripe wheat spikelets