Coastal - Video Footages

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  • Boat by nets for industrial shellfish farming on blue lagoon

  • Bright lagoon with nets for industrial shellfish farming

  • Cargo ship motorboat with people cross dark sea at sunset

  • City embankment along lake Garda with wooden benches

  • Elderly woman stands on wet sand beach enjoying weather

  • Embankment with wooden benches and bare trees near lake

  • Fog covers the tower of San Marco and nearby buildings

  • Fog: A Veil of Mystery Between Us and the World

  • Lagoon with clean blue water and boats fishing shellfish

  • Senior grey haired woman with short haircut in windbreaker enjoys weather standing on coastal beach edge against sea closeup

  • Small boats near installed nets for shellfish farming

  • Wooden benches installed in row on stone road of embankment

  • Young woman in black hat stands against Lake Garda at sunset