cherry tree - Video Footages

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  • A bee climbs the white flower

  • A bee flies near a white flower of a fruit tree

  • A flying insect looking for nectar on the white flower

  • Adult wasp eats nectar on white flower

  • Beautiful white flowers of the tree in spring

  • Bee flies in front of flowering plants with nectar

  • Bee on flowers looking for nectar

  • Bee with pollen on paws flies in front of white flowers

  • Flowering of a fruit tree

  • Foraging bee with pollen on its legs

  • FULL HD macro video of the foraging bee

  • Little bee walks on the white flower

  • Macro shot of the wasp eating nectar on the tree

  • The adult wasp in search of food of sugary substances

  • Wasp feeds on the nectar of the white flower

  • Wasp insect is eating on flowers

  • White blossoms of a tree in spring with bee above