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  • Biscuit with caramel sauce inside decorating with piping bag

  • Confectioner applies custard on cake with cream injector

  • Couple of small sweet cupcakes lies on marble table macro

  • Delicious caramel sauce falls in mold with smooth mixture

  • Fresh cupcake with custard lies on brown tabletop macro

  • Fresh cut cupcake halves lie on brown marble table surface

  • Light brown squared biscuit decorated with fig slices

  • Nutty brown colored substance falls slowly in mold

  • Person fills biscuit with caramel drawing with piping bag

  • Potatoes are fried in the pan

  • Tasty caramel sauce makes pattern falling in mild

  • Tasty fresh fig slices lie on yellow cutting board

  • Tasty nutty brown colored caramel sauce falls in mold