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  • Both hands throwing up pile of Euro coins over green table

  • Brown fence gate with large metal chain reflecting sunlight

  • Brown wooden fence with metal chain and yellow padlock

  • Flashes of colored lights in motion

  • Hand throwing up and catching paper ball over green surface

  • Hands throwing up handful of steel coins above table surface

  • Light effect as overlay for your video clips

  • Luminous light leaks moving over black

  • Motion over shabby bright blue ring shaped bicycle parking

  • Moving lights overlay on black background

  • Overlay on a black background of yellow light flares

  • Person throwing away handful of coins onto table surface

  • Person throwing up and catching steel coin over green table

  • Person throws up and catches hourglass with bright sand

  • Throwing away pile of crumbling coins on green table surface

  • Throwing up handful of coins above green table surface

  • Transition with light leaks