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  • Little girl holds on to grandpa riding bicycle in field

  • Asphalt pavement with marked bike path nearby in Ljubljana

  • Bike path along asphalt highway with markings in Ljubljana

  • Cycle path above Lake Garda

  • Deserted street of an ancient Italian city

  • E-bike charging points for rent bicycles in yard at building

  • Grandfather carries granddaughter on bicycle past field

  • Little girl runs while grandpa rides bicycle on wheat field

  • Motion over shabby bright blue ring shaped bicycle parking

  • Pedestrian path with mesh fence by the sea

  • Rusty bicycle with light lamp parked by asphalt sidewalk

  • Shabby empty bicycle parking construction in round shape

  • Speed limit sign against bicycle parking lot in downtown

  • Stop sign located on street of Ljubljana flashes with red

  • Summer mountain views from the walking path

  • Weathered bicycle with old pedals by asphalt sidewalk

  • Wooden pavement of a cycle and pedestrian lane