Arch at the entrance to the city of Chioggia - Kmeel
At the top of the tower in the fog - Kmeel
At the top of the tower in the fog - Kmeel
Panoramic tower on the mouth of the Adige (Rosolina Mare) - Kmeel
Coastal Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri, in Italian lagoon - Kmeel
Water on the streets of the city of Chioggia (Venice lagoon) - Kmeel
Walk on the water in the middle of the flooded historical city - Kmeel
Road in the city of Chioggia (Veneto) flooded in the evening - Kmeel
Reflected in the water of the homes of Venice - Kmeel
Empty calle of the historic city of Venice lagoon, Chioggia - Kmeel
Passage through the houses that are filling up with water - Kmeel
An ancient tower in the middle of the town of Chioggia (Little Venice) with the wet road - Kmeel
Historical center of the city of Chioggia is flooded - Kmeel
In the middle of the historic houses and the wet road - Kmeel
Walk on a road and a bridge filled with sea water - Kmeel
Bad day that floods the ancient city - Kmeel
Beautiful streets of the ancient city of Chioggia (small Venice) - Kmeel
Under dark porches of the flooded city - Kmeel
Passage under the water filled porticoes of the historic city – Chioggia - Kmeel
Chioggia full of water on a day at the high seas - Kmeel
Little Venice (Chioggia) with flooded streets - Kmeel
Under the porticoes of a flooded city - Kmeel
Porches of the ancient city flooded with water - Kmeel
Ferris wheel runs in the night, illuminated by the lights - Kmeel